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testing ayoo adding words

hello, i'm having a goodnight i hope you are too whoever you are
this site used to be a lot brighter, it is still annoying in a similar way because i still am (its only been... 4 months... omg 4 months....)
anyway yea same deal, this is just a comfy hangout spot, i'm not going to try to organize it until it gets out of hand this time because last time i wayyyy overshot
this is what i'm listening to making this rn
bonses - bluntsfromthecrypt3

i feel like lately i've just had a million fingers in a million different pots if u know what i mean. i wanna do everything and be interested in everything but it is hard for me to manage and prioritise. i try the best i can to stay true to what i perceive to be my self, but even then i find myself lowkey conforming to my insecurity. it is a difficult balance to strike, especially when you're on the unlucky side of life and everyone is beating you down. however i can't say i regret my life, or that i would do any differently if i could. for every good thing is a consequence of every bad thing, vice and versa. i've found that fun is one of the most healing feelings for me. if you can manage to experiment and enjoy it simultaneously, then i think you win life. fuck your cards, it's what you build out of 'em.

something i feel very strongly about lately is writing. i might host a couple stories here and see if they fit. we'll see :)

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